Home advantage

I want to come visit you!  As a fun-loving Sagittarius, travel is my favourite hobby.  No matter where I find myself, I always know how to get into trouble.  It would be my dream come true to be shown around your city.  Take me to your favourite local spots - you're the expert and my adventurous spirit simply shivers at the notion of playing with you on home turf.

away game

Feeling ready for an escape from the daily grind?  Take me with you!  I'm an excellent travel companion - equal parts thrill seeker and snuggle bud.  Travelling for work?  I'm super independent so you can leave me to my own devices and trust that I'll be eagerly waiting for you when the meetings are done.  I'm a very experienced and savvy traveler so you can put your faith in me to find us the best food, fun, and frivolities (including -ahem - an exciting roster of duo partners) wherever we may land.  And, hey, I also look bangin' in a bikini, so.

rules 4 game play

In order for us to have the most delightful and relaxing time together, I need a couple things from you.  1 to 2 references from established providers that you have seen in the last year (especially those you've travelled with) are required.  Contact me for details regarding deposits and minimum booking requirements.